md-content.gitSite content5 weekssummarylogtree
md-site.gitSite source code6 weekssummarylogtree
hackvr.gitVirtual Reality programm6 weekssummarylogtree
hago.gitHackingAllowedGo frontpage just for temporary displaying some basic info6 weekssummarylogtree
libhashtable.githastable implementation6 weekssummarylogtree
libidc.gitasynchronous input library6 weekssummarylogtree
libirc.gitIRC protocol handling library6 weekssummarylogtree
misc.gitmisc scripts6 weekssummarylogtree
resdb.gitanonnet configs6 weekssummarylogtree
segfault.gitIRC bot6 weekssummarylogtree
segfault_home.gitIRC bot home directory6 weekssummarylogtree
uritools.gitoh. um. command-line uri manpulation utilities, tuff like uricut, urimatch, uric...6 weekssummarylogtree
cpu8.gitCPU related snippets6 weekssummarylogtree
cpu8_v.git8bit cpu implementation in verilog6 weekssummarylogtree
OCRImage.gitOCR convert image to textsummarylogtree
agni.gitIRC bot6 weekssummarylogtree
dm.gitdm - datamatch bookmarking, data matching mini-language6 weekssummarylogtree
dwm-fancy.gitfor dwm where added some patches. All is configurable with kernel menuconfig.6 weekssummarylogtree
dwm-pixel.gitdwm6.2 with patches and mods. All is configurable with kernel menuconfig.6 weekssummarylogtree
dwmstatus-pixel.gitupdated dmwstatus to use ner font icons6 weekssummarylogtree
libarg++.gitCommand line argument library C++. port of libarg 6 weekssummarylogtree
libarg.gitCommand line argument library6 weekssummarylogtree
libbuf.gitlibbuf - binary buffer library, for easy loading/saving/copying/transforming/edi...6 weekssummarylogtree
libcmd.gitlibcmd - embedable cli parser. Supports autocomplete and easy to add custom comm...6 weekssummarylogtree
libelf.gitlibelf - ELF file manipulation library. Multi-arch, multi-bitnes, multi-endianes...6 weekssummarylogtree
libping.gitlibping - ethernet level ping packet creation6 weekssummarylogtree
librusb.gitExperimental fork of libusb6 weekssummarylogtree
microbbs.gitMicroBBS old school style BBS6 weekssummarylogtree
netbytes.gitNetbytes - Netstrings for binary data6 weekssummarylogtree
pyairspyhf.gitPython3 airspyhf library wrapper3 dayssummarylogtree
r820sdr-init.gitInitial Xcode project with ready to use librtlsdr and libusbsummarylogtree
r820t-utils.gitExperimental fork of rtlsdr utilities5 weekssummarylogtree
r820t.gitExperimental fork of rtlsdr6 weekssummarylogtree
radiola.gitRTLSDR based sdr fm reciever6 weekssummarylogtree
NaiveFFT.gitNaive FFT implementationsummarylogtree
WasmAudio.gitWasm Audio and FIR examplesummarylogtree
code-snippets.gitSnippets examples6 weekssummarylogtree
compilation-snippets.gitCompilation examples6 weekssummarylogtree
jshack.gitGreaseMonkey script6 weekssummarylogtree
mqueue_examples.gitMqueue examples6 weekssummarylogtree
wasm_fractal.gitWasm fractal6 weekssummarylogtree
webusb.gitWebUSB examples6 weekssummarylogtree
H64D-2.gitH64D-2 - hexdump with features VERSION26 weekssummarylogtree
MATCH-2.gitMATCH-2 - search pattern in file and print position, better then GREP6 weekssummarylogtree
PIPET-1.gitPIPET-1 - VERSION1 pipe transporter. Count bytes trannsfered throught pipes, can...6 weekssummarylogtree
dirwatch.gitE-poll diretory watcher and uploader6 weekssummarylogtree
ihe.gitinteractive hex editor6 weekssummarylogtree
kconfig2h.gitKernel config file parser to C header files6 weekssummarylogtree
notifylist.gitshow list of notifications on dir6 weekssummarylogtree
nmount.gitnmount - new mount, flexible approach to mount utility6 weekssummarylogtree
os201.gitDIY linux, not LFS based6 weekssummarylogtree
osystem.gitsytem utilities to use os201, simplistic coreutils in ocaml6 weekssummarylogtree